Company Overview

DGCLOUD is a secure and feature-rich cloud platform built on cutting edge hardware and virtualization technologies.

DGCLOUD helps customer to define, manage, operate, maintain and have full visibility on their cloud environment.

DGCLOUD is a unique platform that orchestrates the deployment of compute and virtual infrastructure resources and of complex multi-tier application architectures. DGCLOUD integrates and leverages the strengths of a hybrid cloud environment, providing the ability to design and deploy enterprise-ready services tailored to the business needs of your organization.

DGCLOUD administrators use the central Application module Service Management Console to control system access; configure application resources, service designs, and service offerings; and manage cloud catalogs, and subscriptions. The management console also provides an operational interface to view and manage active service subscriptions.

DGCLOUD main dashboard provides smart and professional look with real time statistics on cloud virtual objects, RISK and Security incident alerts and notification, easy to navigation and manage, make my your cloud wizard to define your requirements and lots more.

Resources - Features:

  • Define your cloud requirements, make your own cloud and have full access in a minute.
  • Fully Automated and natively integrate with all other DIGINFO products
  • Scalable, Robust, Reliable and Secure at all levels.
  • Fully end to end encrypted, encrypted on transit and on rest.
  • Highly available, running one 3 Active-Active Data Centers located different part of the world.
  • Fully automated backup and recovery.
  • Fully segregated and on dedicated hardware to provide defense in depth
  • Manage your cloud environment on our DGCLOUD Orchestrator portal that provides secure and easy to use management console to build, manage, and deploy your applications rapidly.

  • Why DGCLOUD?

  • Rapid Provisioning
  • High Availability – seamless failover among 3 Active-Active Data Centers around the globe
  • Natively Secured
  • Pay as your Grow

  • DGCLOUD is promising to the community for:

  • Free Trials on all products
  • Free VMs to students to help their final year projects
  • Free VMs for Research and Development

  • DGCLOUD is a Cloud Enablement Platform

    DGCLOUD is a Cloud Enablement Platform DGCLOUD is committed to community by providing series of educational and awareness activities, monthly and quarterly Workshops, Webinars, Knowledgebase and Training on Virtualization and Cloud technologies only on DGCLOUD platform.