Ready Infrastructure to access, install,
configure and manage

    DGCLOUD is ofering following solution based on common customer’s requirements, team of SMEs ad DGCLOUD will provide full assessment, consulting and profession services, we will install, configure, manage complete solution on behalf of customer.

    1. Cloud Migration:

    Full migration of any existing solution at any scale from customer on premises environment to DGCLOUD infrastructure. Cloud migration solution includes, assessment, design, development, confguration and testing.

    2. Disaster Recovery site:

    DGCLOUD SMEs will access and build exact replication of customer’s Production site on DGCLOUD infrastructure as DR site with DR automation enablement.

    3. Managed Security Srvices Provider – MSSp:

    DGCLOUD SMEs provide full fedge MSSP services that includes Design, Deploy, Execute, MOnitor and Support services of customer application and infrastructure.

    4. Security Operation Center (SOC):

    DGCLOUD SMEs provide full fedge seamless remote SOC services including Monitoring, Operational and amintenance services.

    5. Hosting Services:

    DGCLOUD SMEs will Design, Deploy, Execute, Monitor and Support for customer Web, Email, Files, ERP, In-House Software, SAAS Applications on DGCLOUD Infrastructure.