DGCLOUD is a secure and feature-rich cloud platform built on cutting edge hardware and virtualization technologies.

    DGCLOUD helps customer to define, mange , operate, maintain, and have full on their cloud environment. It is a unique platform that orchestrates the deployment of computer and virtual infrastructure resources and complex multi-tier application architectures.

    DGCLOUD integrates and leverages the strengths of a hybrid cloud environment, providing the ability to design and deploy enterprise-ready services tailored to the business needs of your organization.

    DGCLOUD is promising to the community for:


    Trials on all products


    VMs to student help
    their final year project


    VMs for Research and

    Have full access in a minute:

    • Define your cloud requirements, make your own cloud and have access in a minute.
    • Fully Automated and natively integrate with all other DIGINFO products.
    • Scalable, Robust, Reliable and Secure at all levels.
    • Fully end to end encrypted, encrypted on transit and on rest.
    • Highly available, running one 3 Active-Active Data Centers located different part of the world.